The person behind the camera and The Verde Bee philosophy!

Hello My name is Lourdes, mother to 5 awesome boys and wife to the best supporter on Earth. I am maker of sorts. I love to decorate, create art, work with textiles and hope to one day experiment with ceramics. I have been collecting Vintage for over 20 years.
I would describe my style Modern Bohemian Eclectic, if there is such thing :) In my shop you will find Mid Century pieces, Bohemian and even 1980's collections. I believe in affordable prices. I am a collector myself and expect the same fairness when purchasing items. For special sales and TVB news, follow me on Instagram @theverdebee

TVB Philosophy:
Why buy second hand or vintage?
I am a big believer in reusing items, from clothes, to furniture, decor, and more. Humans tend to over produce, always pushing for the production of new items. Trust me, I struggle with this myself. Often forgetting how functional used pieces are, not remembering that antique and vintage pieces are more durable than the new. As consumers we are encouraged to buy new. I believe this has become a bad trend in our society. We are made to feel like the old is no longer any good. Consequently, we are becoming wasteful by throwing away perfectly good used items. Our planet is unhappy. So lets help our Earth and avoid adding to the pile!
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